From the little miracles we perform in our every day life, a light shines on a brighter future



 From the little miracles we perform in our every day life, a light shines on a brighter future

Congo, land of opportunities, for all; people of incredible vitality and creativity

Na Lingi Congo is an independent, non-partisan, multimedia advocacy label designed to cultivate and promote positive images of the Democratic Republic of Congo while emphasizing initiatives and challenges related to the development of the country. The label partners have developed an innovative and participative communication strategy, national and international, to disseminate information and encourage reflection and dialogue using mass media and community engagement tools.

The label comprises 4 interconnected projects that form a platform to develop constructive approaches, seek solutions and advocate citizen values and responsibilities.

Internet Campaign

Set of social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin), a newsletter and portal.

Documentary “Congo, My Country”

Production, promotion and distribution of the 70-minute documentary Congo, My Country.

Community Activities

The Na Lingi Congo campaign will be launched in Kinshasa through a community event with wide media coverage.


The Media-Hub aims to ensure a national media coverage of news events.

The implementation of Na Lingi Congo is done through public-private partnerships, which support actions from civil society.


  • Social cohesion and democracy
  • Children’s rights, education and health
  • Gender equality and violence against women
  • Entrepreneurship and equitable development

  • Support existing awareness campaigns
  • Encourage entrepreneurship
  • Generate visibility on the potential of the DRC

  • Create an independent citizen platform
  • Disseminate accurate information
  • Promote dialogue and constructive debate
  • Encourage reflection, exchange and mobilization

  • Congolese and diaspora
  • Youth
  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Media
  • International community