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The Kinshasa-based Studio Des Indépendants (SDI), is an NGO that supports and develops social media and art projects. SDI is an integrated communication company specialising in social and behaviour change multimedia media content strategy, training, production, marketing and distribution services. Based in Kinshasa, SDI works with its associates, media professionals and organisations across Africa, Europe and United States, bringing together proven expertise, talents and experience.


We aim to take ownership, develop and brand African narratives that reflect continental realities, aspirations and priorities. 

Our goal is contributing in:

  • Inspiring the designing of a collective African consciousness
  • Motivating continuously SROI
  • Defining Africa development agenda
  • Strengthening the role of Africa as a global player


We exist to:

  1. Co-produce socially relevant communication projects that contribute to social transformation through innovative approaches promoting voice, participation and representation.
  2. Develop innovative approaches to media literacy and advocacy strategies that engender agency for marginalised communities.
  3. Work in partnership with our partners for mutual benefit and long-term sustainability.
  4. Train media professionals in an instructive supportive environment, to enable, promote and build local capacity.
  5. Develop content and projects that respond to industry demand and promote cost effective and sustainable productions.

Our strengths

Entrepreneurship for sustainable engagement

Our approach to business is entrepreneurial in spirit. We are flexible, enterprising and want to make a difference. We embrace challenges and are open to joint-venture partnerships to ensure sustainable business outcomes.


We have an influential database of production and distribution partners in Africa and beyond.


  • Highly skilled, globally located communication & marketing-distribution strategists experienced in production and distribution of various communication tools in different areas of social development.
  • Production: technical specialists who understand how to innovate and navigate complex landscapes and cultural sensibilities to produce high quality multi-media content.
  • High-tech equipment to ensure international standards in filming and editing processes.

Associated Partners


Eloges Culture (Belgium)

Founded in 1997, Eloges specializes in producing and directing documentaries and TV magazines in scientific, cultural and / or entertainment. Eloges offers the general public a catalog of specific subjects, approached with creativity, and produce exciting documentaries, entertaining and attractive.



The Headroom (RSA)

Situated in the quiet suburb of Sea View The Headroom studio offers industry standard quality recording and production equipment within a spacious facility.


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