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Patrick Vergeynst Bakombe

Program Director

Rachel Izizaw

Program Director

Patrick is a film/TV producer, director and scriptwriter with numerous edutainment works under his belt. Since 1994 he has worked on development issues and has covered news in Central Africa for international news agencies and TV broadcasters. Patrick launched a series of film/media projects to raise awareness on key development issues, and training to develop local capacity in the audiovisual sector.  He has directed a number of productions including the documentary Lost Innocence (2000), as part of the International Campaign Against the Use of Children as Soldiers, and the film Vero sy Haingo(2004) to mobilise communities against the sexual exploitation of children in Madagascar.

Patrick is the founder of Kinshasa-based Studio Des Indépendants (SDI), a NGO that supports and develops social media and art projects. Since 2012 Patrick has contributed to research on documentary-making in Sub-Saharan Africa and spends his time between Johannesburg and Kinshasa, focusing on multimedia awareness projects that include film and documentary productions.

Rachel is an expert in continuing education in the fields of social sciences and public health. She develops forums setting up platforms bringing together NGOs from the Diaspora, non-profit organizations and civil society to improve access to quality health care for Congolese women through joint and innovative projects. Rachel focuses on promoting community health. She initiates projects to raise awareness among the Congolese population and coordinates initiatives in partnership with organizations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, the private sector and civil society. Rachel is a nurse in the Operative Block, with a mastery of the functions of Instrumentalist and Rascal. She is at the center of the mobilization of stakeholders and the Congolese diaspora by bringing her experience and expertise to face the challenges to be met.

Rachel is the founder and President of the TSHELA association (Health Care Techniques of the Haute Ecole Libre Africaine), a continuing education organization for health professionals and health education for women.

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