From the little miracles we perform in our every day life, a light shines on a brighter future

Program Profile




Congo, land of opportunities, for all; people of incredible vitality and creativity

Many Congolese make a living from the most basic trading, farming and artisan mining, often without proper resources. Few have the opportunity to find meaningful employment or gain access to bank loans, government support or finance to help improve their lives. Struggling to eke out a living, most survive on less than one US Dollar per day.

The DRC has great potential to uplift its people from poverty to prosperity, creating opportunities for investors and international prospectors, genuinely driven to effect Social Return On Investment.

We believe we can make a significant contribution to effect social change. The interconnected projects of the campaign will form a broad-reaching platform to develop constructive approaches, seek solutions and advocate citizen values and responsibilities.

Country Potential

The DRC can benefit from rapidly growing markets and multimedia tools to showcase its society of amazing vitality, creativity and possibilities. Although aware of the possibilities offered by the country’s tremendous potential, many Congolese people are unable to capitalize on these opportunities.

Program Vision

The campaign’s approach will be to encourage discussions and give voice to valuable visions, as opposed to preaching or seeking sensational debates.

Na Lingi Congo will ignite and promote solutions on pressing issues including:

  • Social cohesion, peace and democracy
  • Children’s rights, education and health
  • Gender equality and violence against women
  • Entrepreneurship and equitable development


Program Mission

Na Lingi Congo is an independent, non-partisan, multimedia advocacy campaign designed to ignite and promote a Na Lingi Congo culture by:

  • Showcasing voices of positive change
  • Instilling a sense of civic activism inspired by the Na Lingi Congo vision
  • Inspiring and nurturing a desire to participate in co-creating a progressive, stable and vibrant Congolese society
  • Creating positive perceptions of the DRC as a land of opportunity with benefits for all, through advocacy and a range of public engagement activities that promote voice and participation
  • Supporting existing awareness campaigns
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship
  • Generating visibility on the potential of the DRC


Program Team

Don Quixote Media Associates (DQMA) and Studio Des Indépendants (SDI), based in Kinshasa, in collaboration with their partners are well positioned to offer a platform of information, underlining the positive actions of the civil society and the private sector, to reflect and exchange beyond the emotions triggered by on-going conflicts.

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