From the little miracles we perform in our every day life, a light shines on a brighter future



Internet Campaign

Set of social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin), a newsletter and portal.

  • Regular dissemination of information to users while encouraging positive exchanges.
  • Periodic activation of viral campaigns on the Net (uploading of inspirational and motivational videos, pictures and articles, with a moderator).
  • Promotion and distribution of other tools produced (spots, documentaries, etc.) to a global audience.


Documentary “Congo, My Country”

Production, promotion and distribution of the 70-minute documentary Congo, My Country.

  • The film explores the social, economical and cultural initiatives of Congolese in the DRC.Designed asa flagship tool of the Na Lingi Congo campaign, it leads the audience through a journey of exploration of the Congo of today and tomorrow.
  • The documentary follows a kaleidoscope of Congolese, mostly ordinary people doing extraordinary things; each entrepreneur and dedicated to make changes in his/her field, for the development of the country.
  • Community exploitation, on the net and on local and international TV channels and festivals.
  • Talk-Show after the screening of the film, with guest panelists and a moderator.


Community Activities

The Na Lingi Congo campaign will be launched in Kinshasa through a community event with wide media coverage.

  • It will be preceded by workshops and various cultural productions (photos, drawings, poems, etc.) involving young people and children.
  • The launch will include the screening of films and spots, a music concert with Congolese and foreign artists, a play and a promotion of the cuisine of Congo.
  • A series of awards will be given to winners of cultural competitions.
  • Community activities will become regular awareness campaigns through a mobile cinema and other thematic events.
  • These will enable the distribution and exploitation of an outreach kit, including films, spots, video clip of the song of the campaign, brochures, posters and stickers.



The Media-Hub aims to ensure a national media coverage of news events.

  • It includes the set up of 11 media production units around the country, consisting of professional journalists-cameramen. The Media-Hub will allow not only to collect information (photos, articles and TV inserts) but also to distribute it broadly, locally and internationally.
  • The Media-Hub will contribute in images to produce a weekly 24-minute TV magazine, aired on the net and local TV channels, meeting therefor the existing needs for information and education.
  • The Media-Hub will also host an archive center, eventually constituting a true archive of popular memory; to know each other better and to make us better known around the world.
  • Finally, as a resource center, based in Kinshasa, the Media-Hub will participate in the development of media professionals in Congo, through a training component and access to video production tools.

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