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In the Spotlight: Response course against yellow fever

UNICEF Yellow Fever Prevention Campaign

The yellow fever epidemic in DR Congo began in April 2016, when several cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Health. On 20 June the Ministry of Health declared the epidemic in 3 provinces including Kinshasa. The preventive vaccination campaign was supported by many partners including UNICEF and WHO. UNICEF played an important role in preparing the media campaign and coordinating efforts to mobilize society to ensure strong public participation in the campaign.

In the framework of the UNICEF Yellow Fever Prevention Campaign, Studio des Indépendants (SDI) has organized an open house at Maisha Park on December 10, 2016, designed to guide students and the public at large through a course of activities promoting knowledge and information to adopt individual and collective behaviors for prevention against yellow fever. SDI is engaged in advocacy with partners (civil society, private and public sector organizations) to mobilize them to support the campaign around a social contract of social and civic responsibility.

The response against yellow fever has been the subject of meetings with the municipal authorities of civil society in the province of Kinshasa on 22 and 23 November 2016. These meetings are part of the communication plan put in place by SDI to support the UNICEF campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health. Burgomasters and members of civil society were invited to get involved to reduce the risk of mortality and morbidity caused by yellow fever in the Congolese capital.

Rachel IZIZAW – SDI Project Director addressing the audience.


Mr Patrick Vergeynst – SDI Director delivers a presentation on Na Lingi Congo


Mr Antoine KABINGA – Administrateur Communication pour le Développement (UNICEF).


Des bourgmestres de la ville province de Kinshasa.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, vector of many viruses such as Zika or dengue. It affects the tropical regions of Africa and Amazonia. Vaccination is the main preventive measure.

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