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Just published: Comic “Chaos standing up in Kinshasa”

Art and Comics

The comic, published this February 17 is the work of Thierry Bellefroid and Barly Baruti. The album, says one, is a fictionalized return on a sporting and political events of 1974 in Kinshasa, at a time when the fight of the century between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman is about to take place.

In this exciting graphic novel, says the publishing house Glénat, Thierry Bellefroid screenwriter and cartoonist Barly Baruti make the reader discover the underside of a historic media event. Both authors do not simply recount the episode known to all, but take the opportunity to inform the reader about the context of the time, imagining how the Cold War was invited on this page of sporting history.

[Complete article available in French version.]


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Source: Agence d’information d’Afrique Centrale

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