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Kinfor 2016: Kinshasa, business capital for two days

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Organized for the first time in DRC, the Kinshasa International Forum – Kinfor- wants an appropriate framework for developing business relations. From 26 to 27 January 2016, entrepreneurs, institutions, employers’ associations and officials from fourteen countries will present their respective strengths in the hope of gaining business in B to B exchanges.

Announced three months ago the Kinfor 2016 no doubt represents a major event in the economic life of the Democratic Republic of Congo. First, it managed to drag into the Congolese capital, Kinshasa, delegations from several countries including Belgium, Canada, the United States and the Republic of Congo. In terms of numbers, the forum represents a total of fourteen different nationalities, ranging from Africa to Europe through the Americas.

For the DRC, the host country, this meeting contributes to its visibility. As explained by the national deputy Marie-Ange Lukiana, host of the event, Kinfor offers an opportunity to organize a major win-win dialogue. It is an exchange of experience with opportunities for B to B. And the results will be more and more interesting with future issues in perspective. An idea that also adheres to the Congolese Minister of Commerce, Nefertiti Ngudianza, invited for the occasion to officially open the forum. Absent from the ceremony, the task was delegated to her chief of staff.

The themes of the first day focused on several matters, including economic focus on Brabant (Belgium) and corporate social responsibility in the DRC. Later, there were workshops focusing on multimodal transport in the DRC, women’s entrepreneurship in the DRC and the economic strengths of Quebec and Algeria. In the case of economic focus, the Walloon delegation is headed by a native of DRC naturalized Belgian, Ms. Kibassa. She is the head of a mega-ministry covering several sectors. In her delegation, she also brings three Belgian companies interested in opportunities in the DRC. Earlier, the Belgo-Congolese Chamber of Commerce believes that such framework of exchange can help to promote cooperation. In the room, there were also the presence of a delegation of Quebec companies.

Among the speakers, there is the very noticeable intervention by the President of the Agency for Investment Promotion of Congo Brazzaville, Patricia Annick Mongo. She is also head of thirty companies in her country. For her, the two Congo that share local languages ​​and music can take better advantage of their geographical proximity. Instead of  simply relying on the informal sector alone, the two cities, Kinshasa and Brazzaville, which are already experiencing a partnership, can develop their business. And indeed, it is for the API Congo to protect the interests of entrepreneurs interested in investing in the first destination in Central Africa. It also calls for the acceleration of the creation of the free trade area.

To recall, Africa Rise, organizer of the forum, is a Belgian organization that aims to facilitate contacts between European entrepreneurs and their African counterparts. It organizes a total of two forums: Africa Belgium Business Week and the Kinshasa International Forum. We will be back.

Source:; Central Africa Information Agency

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