From the little miracles we perform in our every day life, a light shines on a brighter future

Kinshasa, the laboratory of arts

Congolese modern and contemporary art

“Kitoko Congo” “Congo Beauty” in French, is the title of a huge exhibition that took place in 2015 in Paris at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. A massive exposure because for the first time 350 works by 41 artists, all Congolese will be exposed in a unique retrospective, works from 1926 to 2015. Some are in Kinshasa.

Behind a long axis of the Congolese capital where cars spin at full speed, a little dirt road. A man, with long and slim figure looks on: next to him are young men standing against the wall of a shop, talking loudly. The nostalgic music escapes from a radio. Opposite, along the rails of a train that has not passed for years, two teenagers seated on plastic chairs, are fighting over a football match. Their hands on remote controls are connected by cables to a television station in the street. Man starts. He takes a few steps, stops next to a parked car, leans forward and shines the lens of his camera to the ground. What is he looking for?


Source: RFI Afrique

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