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SDI Services

SDI partners include multilateral organizations, Non-Governmental Organisations, government agencies and private companies. Our aim is to provide clients with a personalized, comprehensive service, offering advice on all aspects of project management and production. SDI prides itself on producing work of the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Some of our partners

Action Aid South Africa, African Development Bank (AfDB), FXI (Freedom of Expression Institute), Migrant Community Board (MCB), Nelson Mandela Children Foundation (NMCF), South African Business Coalition Against HIV/Aids (SABCOHA), TEDxJozi, VIP (Vilole Images Productions), UNICEF, UNOCHA, etc. We provided communication support to various projects involving, among others: child protection (use of child soldiers, child labour, sexual exploitation of children, etc.); civic education; education; environment; health care (HIV/Aids, STDs, mother to child Aids transmission, family planning, youth reproductive health, water and sanitation, etc.); human rights (corruption, violence against women, etc.); sustainable economic initiatives; etc.

SDI provides the following multidisciplinary services

  • Communication and advocacy strategies
  • Media training
  • Multimedia concept development (films and documentaries, web site and social media package)
  • Design, layout, editing and proofreading of printing materials (brochures, leaflets, posters, guides, booklets, agendas, banners, etc.)
  • Writing, filming and editing audio-visual materials
  • Photographic and video coverage
  • Management of events, conferences, workshops and call centers
  • Production management
  • Project management

SDI also works in conjunction with a wide range of Associates.

Outsourced services include among others

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Website development
  • White board animation, 2D animation and 3D animation
  • Translation and simultaneous interpretation

 Available equipment

  • Filming equipment (HD XDCAM Sony cameras, mobile video mixing and audio-light kits)
  • Editing equipment (HD Final Cut Pro stations)
  • DVD-CD Duplication and Printing equipment
  • Graphic design stations
  • Audio recording studio
  • Wireless interpreting, PA and screening equipment

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