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What are young people thinking of civic movements that are developing in Africa?

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Photo: Students from the Protestant University in Congo (UPC) on 17/02/2015 in Kinshasa. Radio Okapi / Ph. John Bompengo

Lucha, Filimbi, “We are fed up”, “citizen Broom”. In recent years, citizens’ movements emerged on the African continent. They argue for more democracy and freedom in their country. In Burkina Faso, the citizen Broom has been a major player in the mobilization against the proposed constitutional amendment from Blaise Compaoré.

What do the young Congolese citizens think of these movements? We posed the question to students at the Protestant University of Congo (UPC).
For Persis, a medical student, the creation of these movements is related to globalization.

“The earth has become a global village, he argues it is young Africans who want to change things in the light of what is happening in other continents. They want to revolutionize things, bring something that can boost Africa towards sustainable development”.

Johnson, an economics student, said, meanwhile, that it is the refusal of some leaders to leave power that led young people to create citizens’ movements.
“It is this frustration there, unemployment, poverty, poor living conditions that lead young people to protest and make their voices heard,” he says.

Christian, a law student, believes that “these movements that are born like mushrooms in Africa must reflect on the leadership.”
He argues that “if the leadership in all these popular movements is not solid, they may not achieve their goal: to democratize and develop the continent.”

For his part, Didier, another medical student, thinks that these movements are created by “Western”.

“If they want more than one officer in an African country, they resort to this kind of movement to do from power,” reported the student.

You can listen to the views of young people.

Source: Radio Okapi

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